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Our Process

South Jersey Web Design is all about the process. Many New Jersey web design companies take a circular approach, going back and forth in circles that just end up confusing both parties. When something as important as your website design is at stake, we don’t believe this kind of process is acceptable to either party. That’s why we take a linear approach to building your website. It’s easy for the client to understand, easy for our technical staff to implement, and reduces misunderstandings considerably.

Determining Requirements

Before we begin to design a website, we have to have approval for our quote. Once you have confirmed this and told us to get started, we’ll begin to analyze your requirements. The South Jersey Web Design team will consult with your team so we know just what details related to the design, your company, or the project we need to be aware of.

Initial Design Draft

We use the requirements we gathered in the last step in order to outline the initial design draft for your website. This is all about trying to pin down the basics of what you need, so we submit it to you so you can get a look at it and give feedback to us.

Revise & Finalize Designs

Once you’ve given us feedback, we can use it to ensure each draft of your website is more and more in line with what you want and what looks best. Your website is really starting to take shape! Now that we’ve worked through all those revisions, we should both be happy with the improvements that have been made with each subsequent revision. Once you have approved the design and confirmed that all the design specs have been met and incorporated, we get the graphics that will you want used in the website.

Site Delivery

We incorporate the images you need put into the design draft, and you get to review the finalized site with all the features, images, and so on that have been worked on over this time. You sign off on it and we upload it to your hosting, or email the files to you for you to upload it. Now you can see why South Jersey Web Design outshines other NJ web design companies. With such a clear delivery process, you’ll have your finished website and be happy with it by the end of the process, and we’ll wish you good luck!

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