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Web Maintenance

sjwd_webmaintenance It’s one thing to get a perfect website designed and up and running, but it’s quite another to keep it up and properly maintained. Just like buying a new car, you can’t just put up a website and ignore it; there’s constant tinkering to be done in order to ensure your website has the maximum possible uptime. A talented New Jersey web design firm like South Jersey Web Design can handle the hassles of maintenance on your website for you, leaving you free to handle whatever other issues you have on the go.

To keep your website up to date, you should have a flexible structure and a way to easily adapt it to your needs if they change or evolve. If you have a system administrator in place to keep your website consistent and stable, this isn’t a problem, but otherwise, it can pose a major risk to your business. The larger the business, the more risky any website downtime or incongruence is, and the harder it is to keep the website maintained, up for all users, and consistent.

The solution to this is to hire technical staff like those at South Jersey Web Design to help maintain your website and deal with the complex technical issues that can plague you endlessly.

Simply adding new website content and features, updating them, or deleting them threatens to destroy the stability and identity of your site, and thus, your brand. With our variety of maintenance packages, you’re sure to avoid this crisis while maintaining your budget.

We are proud to offer one of the best rates for a top NJ web design firm, and several different packages, depending on your current needs. Any unused hours can be carried over for up to three months.

South Jersey Web Design is happy to help you keep your website maintained and ready for business.

Support Packages

Hourly Package
If you opt for the hourly package, you will be billed $50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge and fifteen-minute increments after the first hour.
Site Maintenance Package
With this package, suitable for those who need more frequent website updates, you get priority service and a quicker turnaround, link verification, image scanning, optimization and adding, and complete services regarding your HTML webpages. This package doesn’t include complicated technical programming work, flash animation, or layout changes, naturally.
Small Business Package
For $150 a month, you get three hours of web site maintenance every month. Ideal if you don’t need many changes done and want to keep costs low.
Medium Package
For $250 per month, you get five hours of website maintenance monthly.
Corporate Package
$500 a month will get you ten hours of website maintenance each month, which is perfect if you need lots of updates done in a timely fashion.
Advanced Corporate Package
For twenty hours of website maintenance each month, the fee is $1000/month.

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